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tazer's 8g biocube


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This is my first SW tank and have learned so much in the past few months. I am grateful to have found this website, it has helped me numerous time and gave me inspiration. Anyways this is my 8g biocube hope you enjoy... also any ideas or suggestion will be much appreciated. Tank has been up and running since 2/4/10

Current Mods

  • Media Rack
  • Mini-Jet 606
  • Hydor FLO
  • Stealth 25w Heater
  • Cut the tab from chamber 1- 2


  • n/a



  • n/a


  • 9 Lbs LS
  • 10 Lbs LR
  • Running my heater in chamber 1
  • inTank rack in chamber 2 w/ Chemi pure elite & Purigen



4/20/2014 Starting the Biocube 8 build again

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nice start! is that mandarin trained to eat frozen/pellets?


One suggestion I have is to clean your glass and turn off your pumps before photographing.

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Ha yah I know, I had to rush my pictures before work, will get some good ones this weekend after cleanings. And yes he eats frozen roe eggs. Got him from my LFS and soon as I heard that I had to get the little guy =)

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