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Raising light fixture?


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I have an Aquactinics solar flare light fixture on my 75 gallon tank. T5's with Ice cap ballasts. My worry was the intensity of the light on softies.

Some people said it will melt them, some said no issue. So I mounted it on the legs that you can buy which raised it about 2 inches off the rim of the tank.


I've got a hammer, torch and some palys/zoanthids. 2 of my zoa's bleached and 2 are fine. My PPE palys bleached also.


I've since hung my light and raised it 10" from the tank. I also changed out the bulbs to some with less PAR (Ice cap bulbs). Won't this help with decreasing the intensity? Or do I need to put screens on also? I thought I read on another thread that raising a light doesn't decrease PAR but that doesn't make sense to me.


Light guru's? What say ye? Thanks :)

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