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dehumidified water as top off water


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probably dont occur to most of you, but if you do live in an area really high humidity you probably own dehumidifier at home.


people from my local reef forum are using the water collected from the dehumidifier as top off water for their tanks. they tested the tds from the water and it is significantly lower than tap water


i for one wouldnt want to risk my tank with water from dehumidifiers as you dont know what is in the air, how clean the air is (esp if you live on a busy street with lots of dust and exhausts) or any air born decease is in the air. but i guess they just dont want to waste the water, might as well use it for something.


just find this interesting and want to share with you all.

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I would never use dehumidifier water to top off for the very reasons you stated above. The polutants that could be in the water may not ever register on a TDS meter. Atmospheric pollutants are not all solid.


(i'm not a chemist but this is how i preceive it.

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Do they have any issues with their inverts? I remember reading a while back about concerns that the copper condenser might end up leaching into the water. Dunno that any of it was proven a risk one way or the other.

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The components of a dehumidifier are not designed with the use of the collected water for this purpose. The water that is collected in the pan is classified as "grey" water. That is water that is not potable, and not sewage - it is the inbetween. While the water will be free of dissolved solids, it can have very high microbe counts, as well as potential dust/pollen contaminants.


Watering your plants may be a good way to use the water, topping off your reef with this water is not advised.

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