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Crab ID


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Found my first animal life last night. I'd seen his leg moving the night before, but he ran away when I went for my flash light to check. LAst night though I found him, and managed to get some bad shots of him hiding in the rock.


He's about 1.5 - 2 inches across counting his legs, and definitely reacted to my red LED flashlight. Crammed himself into a crack and kept trying to crawl deeper into his hidey hole.




I know almost no crabs are reef safe, but I'd still like to know what he is. Is he likely to decimate my invert population until I get him out? I know some crabs like these eat predominately algae when young, but some others will eat worms and more.

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Hard to tell from the pics, but it looks a lot like a gorilla crab (also called teddy bear crab). Very bad if you have acroporas of any kind, they eat the polyps off of them. Here's what one did to my tricolor (all of the white areas are where he snipped off polyps):




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Red eyed hairy crabs = no es bueno.


Actually, any hairy crabs are not a good plan... The best way to tell is by their claws. Flat claws are generally ok, sharp claws are really bad.

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