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Yelow Tang with black ich, fin rot, high ammo, and probably super aids :(


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I'm new and need a second opinion I have done my reading and checked with the LFS for help but I am still a bit confused. Help with any of the three problems I know i listed would be greatly appreciated (if you see others point them out too)


Background Info:

120 tank with 80lbs LS and 30lbs live rock

30 gal sick tank

55 gal QT tank

added a yellow tang on 4-3-10 (prior to his arrival i had 2 clowns, one black damsel, 3 peppermint shrimp, one cleaner shrimp, one dibellus reef lobster and assorted snails). ammonia went up to .25 a few days after i added the tang and has been elevated ever since. it stays at about .25 ppm most of the time i have been changing the water (about 15-20% weekly) since i got him. Other parameters all appear normal nitrites and nitrates at zero, ph 8.0-8.2, 1.0240 sg, 77.5 degrees, 0 phosphates. I feed 1 quarter sheet green nori almost daily (5-6 days a week), frozen mysis, frozen brine, and New Life Spectrum Pellets. The pellets are fed at least once a day and the second feeding consists of either brine, mysis, or pellets.


Problem 1:

The ammonia is still high and I have found no nitrites and limited amounts of nitrates (less than 10 ppm as that is as low as my test kit goes). Why is it that after over 2 weeks the ammonia is still high and no nitrites are present? (all the the rock came pre cycled by the LFS). Is there anything i can do other than water changes to help speed this process along as the tang is not faring well? After the water changes the ammonia generally stays low for 3-4 days before it is measurable again.


Problem 2:

The tang is sick in two ways. First he has black ich. The ich is not really effecting him yet but i would hate to let it infect and injure more fish in the future so i would like to take care of it now. I have gotten numerous suggestions on what to do so far from another forum and the LFS. The general solution they gave was to leave him alone and let him get rid of the ich himself if he is still eating (which he is and has been) maybe buy a cleaner shrimp to help out if they are not in huge numbers (which I did). The LFS also sold me PraziPro for medication in a QT tank and some vitamins for him to eat. The question i have is if i do a FW dip then put him in the QT tank (which has 20 lbs of LS and like 6 lbs of LR and the black damsel) how can i regulate the ammonia levels other than a water change every day (hoping to not have to waste that much water as well as cause additional stress to him in such a small tank)?


The second issue is fin rot, i think. I have read about its causes and i think it likely to be caused by the elevated ammonia and stress of being poorly acclimated (his spike got twisted in the net :( ). I fear that a FW dip and the month or so that i poorly hold him in a 30 gal hospital tank will only worsen the situation. Any advice? I feed ass described above which is why i don't think its from bad diet (the tang eats whatever i put in the tank). Also will the PraziPro affect inverts like the shrimp, snails, and lobster? Can I soak the food in the PraziPro (nothing on their website or in books suggests to do this or not to do this for that matter)? Will the fin rot be eliminated by making the water parameters better or will it need medicine (Prazipro is not recommended for this)?


DESCRIPTION OF DISEASE The tail fin as of this morning has a slit horizontally along the middle, has some pale spots also in the middle one about the size of a pin head, though no holes and no other damage besides the slit, he was slightly paler than usual this afternoon but still eating.


Problem 3:

Finally - Can someone explain how to do a FW dip the LFS and most of the reading says to drop the fish into low salinity water (i think 1.0090ish was the number) wish methylene blue keeping the pH at the same level as the DT then put him right into a QT tank, also with same pH and leave him there for 4-6 weeks as long as there are no other hosts for the black ich to live on. (BTW the LFS said put him right back into display tank and periodically dip him when the black ich shows up). Is that entirely correct or am i missing something (remember I'm new so if its obvious to you I will screw it up)? Do i acclimate him first (or acclimate to hospital and then dip)? Should I medicate the HT, and with what?



Good thing there is not a character limit on this forum. Sorry about the novel and the description is better than any picture i can provide right now.

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