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Glass-holes question.. the air tube in the elbow


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I'm getting ready to plumb my 40BR. I'm using a glass-holes 700 gph kit.


Theres that small hose that goes into the elbow. I'm not really sure what it's called, but I'd imagine that its either to keep the siphon flowing, or to help quiet the flow.


The hose is hard to get into the hole and I know I am going to have to tune it.


I'm worried about:

1) Adjusting the hose while its in the elbow, with my tank all plumbed to it and running. Its pretty hard to move around, I don't want to cause any unnecessary pressure on the bulkhead/glass and really cause a disaster.


2) Pulling the hose out to far. Its a pain in the @$$ to get back in.. Its not so bad when you have the bulkhead in your hand and you're just messing with it- but I think that when its on the tank its going to be a different story.



Am I worried about nothing? The elbow with the hose in it is going to be in the furthest back corner of the tank... not really in the best spot for reaching over.

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I'm using a Glass-Holes overflow too.. mine was also very tight, I had to twist while firmly pushing the "F.L.U.S.H." tubing (thats what they call it) through the hole, one millimeter at a time. Make sure your firmly holding the elbow to relieve some of the pressure as you twist down.

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