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This was the first time I have purchased coral online, and after this experience it will not be my last. I had purchased the "Armor of G-d Paly" and the "Rainbow Paly" and finally the "Vivid Collection Zoanthids." It took roughly four days before being contacted by Sean to schedule a delivery.


About 16 hours later the package arrived. I had to really fight getting the tightly sealed box open, and once I did each coral was still tightly bagged! I spent two hours acclimating the corals, and once they were all placed on the sand bed I was very impressed. Each coral opened! Only one or two heads stayed closed, but now almost 11 hours later all of the heads for all the polyps are open.


My biggest concern was the gamble, "Vivid Collection" where they picked my 6 other zoas. I was a little uneasy thinking I was going to receive brown button polyps, and yellow polyps. I will post some pictures tomorrow as soon as I get them all uploaded. There was one brown zoanthid, but it has the coolest burgundy/red skirt and specs of blue on a few of the faces. I also received a bonus on the pink zoanthids that was in their selection, and that was a bright blue xenia.


I have worked at my LFS and we have had blue xenia, but I have never seen it a metallic blue like this. I will be buying again.


Also, the colors on their website.. The rainbow pally is bright orange, but the skirts (under my 10k pc bulbs) are very dark, and not as bright as the picture. The Armor of G-ds that I got, The red is astonishing I can see the polyps from across the room in my 29g Biocube. In other words, they aren't deceiving you with their pictures because the coral looks better in person than in those pictures.

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VA is AWESOME! Imo they are the best.


The frags look awesome on their site because greg rothschild takes a lot of pics of them :lol:

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