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Moving then going on vacation


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I'm moving in two weeks and then going on vacation for a week. I'm moving about 5-10 minutes from where I live now. Just across town. I have a fluval edge and here is my plan.


stocked with:

ocellaris clown

2 hermit

2 snails




thick leather


Easiest most risky


Take 2-3 gallons of water out of the tank. Hop in the car with tank and all inhabitants in tank. Take it to new place and hook it up and return 2 gallons to tank.


Plan 2


Bag everything or grab a 5 gallon bucket and just put everything in that for the ride over. Remove most maybe all water. Set up tank at new place. Will be filling the bucket with the tank water for the pets.


Any hindsight by experienced would be much appreciated.


When I go on vacation I will have my roommate top off the tank daily and just see if everything is working as normal. Doing a water change right before I leave as well.

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I would go with plan 2, leave barely enough water in the tank to keep the sand wet but not enough for it to slosh around and stir up a bunch of crap. Be gentle when refilling it.

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spend the extra time to take everything out and put things in individual containers. i tried moving a tank with LR and corals still in and most of the water out. not pretty and that was only a 30 ft move.

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+1 on what kylegeorge said. You don't want to try and move your tank with that much weight in it it could break. Its worth taking the time and put everything in containers.

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I would go with plan 1 :) is all your rock work secure? I moved my 2.5 about 20 min away by just picking it up and going. Of course I had my friend hold it while I drove. I did have my rock work secured with epoxy. Everything stayed put and it was much easier than taking everything out of the tank.

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