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7.5g Nano Sump Layout


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Hey all,


I've started a nano build, using a Mr. Aqua 25g cube as a display tank, and a Mr. Aqua 7.5g cube as the sump. The 12" cube fits great in the stand I've built, but now I have to figure out the baffles... I realize this is NOT a lot of space...


My goal is to have to cut as little glass as possible and to have 3 sections: skimmer/heater, refugium, return. I'll be using a Maxi-Jet 1800 utility pump as the return pump, and a Tunze Nano 9002 skimmer. Here's my first inclination:




This should keep the water flow going counter-clockwise around the sump, while given me 1 section big enough for heaters, etc, and about the largest refug area I can expect. I plan on doing some sort of clip-on grating/plastic mesh cover on both overflows to try to keep any critters in the refug section. I'll also flip the pump around in the return section to keep the intake as far from the overflow as possible.




The dimensions of the skimmer/pump in the drawing are pretty close to actual. Anyone see glaring errors here? I'm am concerned about bubbles, but I also don't want to eat up a lot of space in a really tight sump with bubble trap baffles. Any ideas?




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