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I have a BC 29g with 2 clowns, 2 peppermint shrimp, and a lawnmower blenny. We also have an 8g with a firefish, hi fin goby and pisol combo.

we feed both tanks a small amount of flake food in the morning and then frozen brine in the evening. we only feed small amounts that are eaten within 2 minutess or so, but I am worried we are overfeeding.

Just curious what you guys think? how often would you feed?

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I feed once a day, everyday. I alternate between frozen mysis shrimp, Formula 2 small pellets, Cyclopeeze and occasionally when I'm lazy I'll feed some flake (Formula 1). And sometimes I'll put a little nori on a clip for my angel. For my Cleaner Shrimp and my Porcelain Crab I throw in a few sinking shrimp pellets.


You might consider switching from frozen brine shrimp to frozen mysis shrimp as brine shrimp have no nutritional value.

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I feed pellets everyday, frozen every other day. For pellets I just feed enough so everyone gets a few bites and not too much at a time so it doesn't sink straight to the bottom. Every healthy tank should have some sort of pods that your livestock can snack on, so you shouldn't overfeed thinking your starving them.


As for frozen, I feed a small portion of Rod's Food and everything just goes crazy, thats usually when my nassarius snails get fed.

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