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Red worm w/ white striping


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I figure it was about 5-6 inches long all stretched out, about 1/8" wide or less. No bristles.


I haven't added or changed inhabitants in the tank in a LONG time, so it's been there a while.


I was doing a water change and stuck the siphon in the back of the Bio-Cube, then started banging it around to get the detritus, when all the sudden this freaky long worm flips out from the sand on the other side of the tank. I figure he came out and travelled across, or I woke him up. I was wigging out and flapping around in the tank, slowly coming across the front - when my false perc spotted him. He grabbed him and just kept swallowing him till he was gone.


I think I'd puke if I swallowed a worm as long half my body, but not him. Damn.


It didn't have a defined head, no bristles, and was all reddy with almost a white stripe on him from what I could see. He's gone now though.

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