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Aquapod 12 LED TEST 1


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I am prepping to do an led mod on my 90 gallon reef tank to replace my Coralife 150watt Metal Halide Fixture. But before I do i want to get some practice and knowledge on the high powered leds. I managed to get 2 free leds 1 watt blue from Coralife, the ones that are used for the moon lights on these fixtures. I want to use these as moonlights on the Aquapod as I have lost the transformer for the 5mm leds installed as moonlights. I have two questions in getting these wired up.


1) can i run these leds, or at least one, with out a driver. I would use a wall wart for a power supply. Im guessing that is not consistent enough power and will need some kind of regulator or something to control that. Any help to get these hooked up?


2) the wiring harness for these bulbs came with a resistor attached. It is shrink wrapped so i cant see the bars to indentify. Is there another way i can identify this resistor? do i need it?


thanks in advance for all your help.

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1. You cant run leds without a "driver" because they are current driven devices, not voltage driven. To run a simple led, you dont need to but a driver, you can make your own. You will need a resistor and it depends on the input voltage and the amount of current that the LED needs. For example, if a LED needs 5mA (or .005Amps) to light up, and you have a 12V DC power supply, you need a 2.4k resistor in series with the led.


like this



+ ( DC positive) -----------(Resistor)----------(LED)-------- - (DC negative)




Use this formula (Voltage / Resistance) = Current.


2. What bulbs? the leds are not bulbs, they are diodes that emit light (LED = Light Emitting Diode).

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