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Cultivated Reef

Yasha named Yoshi


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I know I got the bug, and wanted this tank for soooo long. Just never got my other reef tanks stable enough to take on another task. So the time has come, and I have been having this empty cycling tank for a while now. I just got all parameters tested for the last time and came out great for the second time. So I am doing a candy pistol shrimp named Fredricko and a Yasha named Yoshi. I may add some branching sun's or a dendro but not right away. I'm doing minimal rockwork right now so it looks like a little piece of sea floor. For the background I was thinking of blowing up one of the pictures I've taken and add that as the background. So I got the rock work up, tank params perfect and got my two animals today. I still need the background and the finer details but here's some rough pictures.... They are still in the holding pod!!








I didn't get into specifics on the tank, it's a six gallon eclipse just for them two. I have a K-nano in there for good water movement but I don't know if it's too strong for them. we'll see. I need to research more because a little family of sexy shrimp would really look nice in there as well scavenging the rocks. Of course if I add them I'd add more rock but thats getting ahead of myself. Here's some pics of the tank





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