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I would like to thank escaudio (Brian) for setting up and delivering on a difficult Ric GB. He answered every silly and or stupid pm I shot hit way. Delivered when he said he would even when things were out of his control! If he ever sets up another GB, or even sells personal items, you can trust him.


Thanks Again!

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i would like to say thank you to brian...


i did a small little group of people here in ohio for the rics, and it was really confusing for me..even though i only had 4 people ordering...lol i can only imagine what it must have been like having all the people emailing you....



i would buy from brian again and again! he answers every pm and i even talked with him on the phone...




thanks brian!!

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I was just coming to start one of these threads for Brian!


Again, great communication with him! Never a question unanswered! I would completely do business with him again! As my first mail-order live coral buy, I say this was a great success!

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I agree! Thank you very much Brian! Great communication every step of the way. He even held them for me for a few weeks free of charge and shipped them to me himself. Everything arrived as he said it would safe and sound and on time. Thanks again for everything and I to everyone one out their this is a good guy to do business with!

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