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To many micro bubbles from my Skimmer


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I'm getting a lot of Micro Bubbles from My Protein Skimmer if I adjusted it won't skim.Any suggestions??? :mellow:


I had this problem with my skimmer as well (a Deltec MCE600). After some research I discovered that this prolem has nothing to do with the skimmer itself, but rather the surface tension of newly-mixed saltwater, which is unusually high. Thus bubbles form much more quickly and take longer to pop. My suggestion would be to leave the skimmer off for a week and see if the problem doesn't clear up by itself.

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What's the skimmer?


Is a Red Sea Prizm "bak pak" hang on Skimmer.I'm running My tank without a sump all I got is a Power Filter and the Skimmer



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If you just got the skimmer it sometimes takes a day or two of running before it starts to skim. Just let it run at the suggested factory settings and give it some time.

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