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Another PAR38 thread


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I'm really interested in getting some PAR38's to replace my 4x24 T5 fixture over my 30g oceanic cube ( L 20.5 x W 21 x H 18.5). My cube is an anemone (BTA) only tank (might possibly add a clam soon)

What i want to know...


How many PAR38's would be efficient for my tank (I was thinking three)


I'm not looking to fill my tank with light. I have a large piece of LR in the middle of the tank with all the bta's on it, so there isnt really a need to COMPLETELY light my tank. Which optics should i use? (i was thinking 40 degree optics)


Does it sound ridiculous to use 2) 20k's and 1)12k ?


If i do go with 40 degree optics how high should the LED's be above the water surface?


If i come up with anymore questions ill update.


also, pics of my tank to show what i mean by my rockwork





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To figure out what optics/ height you want check out these par plots, they are very helpful. They are a very nice product, if you are not looking to have complete equal coverage throughout the tank like you said.

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