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Cultivated Reef

Opinion wanted from you photograph gurus on tanks.


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Bought my very first SW tank recently, a 10g half moon aquarium. In so many ways everthing about the purchase was wrong and I wont bother getting into it all, but I plan to buy another tank soon.


One major issue I have is the heavy curve on this tank makes it impossible to get good focus. I have a tank picked out that I would like...a nice flat tank, lol....but it's all pretty pricey at over $2500. Im thinking of buying something less expensive for a while.


What kinds of images are you guys getting on the Biocube type tanks? They are much cheaper but they have a slight curve on them which makes me worried about the types of images I'll get. I am a photographer by living...not fish of course, LOL...but sharp images are pretty important to me.


If that slight curve is going to effect things, Ill just have to wait a year or so,

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As long as you don't photograph on a corner you shouldn't have a problem taking pictures with a biocube.


These shots are all from my old biocube.






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Oh sweet! With the half moon tank I have, it is literally impossible to shoot through the walls because the curve is so steep. Maybe I can at least afford to start with a Biocube and work my way up.


Ill be so excited to shoot something besides people. :D

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