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10 Gal Rimless tank lighting


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Im new to SW tanks. I bought a 10 gal tank and cut the rims off of it. Im trying to figure out a safe way to light it if it does not have a lid? also what would be the proper lighting if i plan on houseing Clownfish and some soft corals?....My set up consist of..

-10 gal rimless tank

-fluval 105 canister filter


-marineland heater

-LR and LS


just need the right light ..pics soon

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not sure how much you want to spend... but i just got the maxspect 60w led for my 10g and it is awsome. dont have any info on how the corals will respond but it should be fine for softies. i got it for $190 shipped, however that was through a group buy. lck-led.com has them for about $15 more and you dont have to wait for the group. mine came with the hanging kit so it would be perfect for the rimless, hope this helped , good luck. will post more info as it comes, just setting up tank today





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if you only want to house soft corals i would go with a cheap pc fixture ... t5ho if you plan on doing some more light demanding lps or sps in the future

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