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Eheim or Tunze in a BC29?


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using a Rio 6HF in my BC29 right now.

have been quite happy, but it is a bit finicky about placement... or else it's quite noisy.


anybody know if the Eheim or Tunze pumps will fit in chamber 3???

just lookin' for another option beyond the MJ1200...



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Don't know about skimmer but the Rio can rattle if you don't place it just right in chamber 3.

nope...not talkin about skimmers.

wondering if Eheim or Tunze return pumps will fit in chamber 3?

anybody tried it.

they are both too expensive for an experiment. if they don't fit, i've now got a $60 paper weight ;)

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What's wrong with the stock pump?


What pump will you have in the display?

i've got a Rio 6hf in chamber 3 as the return.

happy with the flow.

could be quieter though... don't want to change to a maxijet 1200 because of the possibility of extra watts = extra heat.

i have enough trouble with heat in the summer in houston as is....

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I will advise you to get a mp10= no heat


I will advise you to get the minimum amount of ghp for the return pump with smallest wattage.


You can reduce heat by a lot. The mp10 will be the main flow and the return pump needs just enough power to bring back the water to the tank.

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