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Purple Firefish acting odd


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So I've had my pair of purple firefish for about 3 weeks, and they've been doing great. Tonight all of the sudden on it just sitting in the corner of the tank I’ve checked my water and there nothing out of the ordinary. Is this a common thing for them to do, and I just haven’t seen it yet or is it a bad sign?

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Ok, just remembered this... A bit ago I heard my pistol shrimp snap. I know they can do it as defense to stun fish and inverts, but how bad is it on the fish? Could this be the problem?


I haven't noticed the pistol having a problem with either of the firefish before in fact I’ve even seen the firefish in his burrow a few times.

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What do you mean by "it just sitting..."; is only one firefish sitting like that? If so, it sounds like they aren't really a pair. Firefish are usually intolerant of others in the same species, unless you have a true pair or a really large tank.

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