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Coral Vue Hydros

are these acro eating flatworms?


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Ok, I'm so sick of it. I had 3pest outbreaks at the same time. Firts red bugs that i killed with interceptor (poor mandarin's hungry now), then monti eating nudibranches that i discovered a week later. All montis are in the qt tank now...and not doing so great.

And yesterday I discovered these white spots on my deepwater granulosa....are they flatworms? Who knows?


They on the small branch on the left side of the picture...

Help please


i don't think they have spread yet. checked all the other acros....can i just dip it in something?

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I know that Coral Revive can be used as a dip to kill several pests, can't remember for sure if AEFW are one of them.

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I'm in the same boat. I had flatworms but got rid of them with Revive. Now I'm having some red bugs but I'm going with interceptor. Don't want to leave a chance of keeping anything on the tank after dipping each coral so I'm treating the whole tank


From the picture is hard to say, is not focused on the coral but doesn't look to me like flatworms

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I can't really tell from the picture, but if you think it is a flatworm outbreak just use Flatworm Exit. I have used it twice without any ill effects on my tank.

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the affected part is the smal branch on the left. There are are white spots in the middle of that branch.

Any other opinions?

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Here is what they had done to one of my corals about a month or so ago. This shows their eggs. I used an hour long dip in revive with a repeat treatment a couple days later. The coral was quarantined. I have not seen any since and I've been checking nightly on that coral and my display using a powerhead to dislodge any present.





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