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MP20 or MP40 for 40 breeder?


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Hi everyone, I was contenplating on either getting a MP 20 or 40 for my 40br.


I was wondering if people who have experience with the power heads could chime in and give their thoughts as to which would be better?


I've seen people with the 10, 20, and 40 here on their breeders, so I'm a little confused as to how much power I would need.



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MP20 should be sufficient.


That being said I have the same tank and am planning for two MP40s working together. I already have one on there (the other is on another tank I'm going to transfer over). The one MP40 at full blast creates a mess, its awesome, so it is really dialed down.


It basically comes down to what you want to host in the tank. I'd recommend going for the MP40 just so you can have more options on what to do, but an MP20 will also work fine.


If you decide to go with the MP10s, I'd recommend getting two and have them working together though.

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What kind of reef do you intend to keep? I am keeping a mixed reef and the MP20 works great for that. I have lower flow on the other end and high flow close to the vortech. If you intend to do all SPS or lots of SPS then the MP40 would probably be better.


Do you intend to upgrade in the future? If you intend to get a four foot long tank at some future point, you may want to go for the MP40.

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It's for a mixed reef, but very few sps.


For those who have a MP20, do you have it at full blast? Or is it dialed down a bit?



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2 mp10s :)


or a 40, though iv heard one 40 in a breeder isnt quite enought coverage on the opposite end of the tank. not personal experience tho

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