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WavePoint t-5 HO 4 lamp retrofit


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96 watt 24in T5 4 Lamp Retrofit Kit

14X Light Amplifying Paradynamic Reflector

Water Resistant Endcaps

Premium UL Listed GFCI Plug

On/Off Switch

Ultra-Silent and Energy Effitcient Ballast

Includes: 2 Sun Wave Lamps and 2 Blue Wave Lamp

Canopy Mounting Bracket and Hanging Kit

4.25 x 10 x 25


heres the link for pics and everything it only cost 149.99


also the the reflectors are indiv. so thats a huge plus

tell me what you guys think of it or if anyone actually owns one

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yea i see that i was not paying attention to what forum i put it in thanks for the correction...

nanoreef-r it seems like a great fixture for the price and how are the bulbs

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I just upgraded from my stock pc's in my BC29 to The 24" Wavepoint and I am very pleased with the performance. My wife loves the fact there are is no more noise from the fans. :P I paid $170 shipped, so that's a pretty good price. I also rigged two exocotic LED strips (actinic) on the sides for dusk/dawn lighting. That was the only downfall to this fixture all the colored bulbs come on at once. I say go for it they're no where near as hot as MH or enclosed PC's. Also, the color choices in bulbs are great:



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Can you just hang the kit as is over a tank? I've been looking into some cheap lighting solutions for my 55 Breeder and this would be perfect.

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It doesn't come with a hanging kit or do I see anywhere for the screw/eyes to go in to hang it. That being said, there is always a way. ;)

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I see, so marine1 there is only one powerswitch im guessing then?


Unfortunately, yes. It doesn't bother me though. With the LED's I solved that problem. Plus I get an almost MH shimmer from them.

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