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Is this dinoflagellates?


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What the title says is this dinoflagellates? I only think so because it releases air bubbles. If it is howd I get it and how do I get rid of it I went from distilled to rodi water the distilled had some phosphates in it and whatever it is its only on my sandbed for some reason.



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Nano sapiens
No!!!! :angry: ah time to take care of this what do you recommend


Lots of patience. You have to get at the dinos source of nutrients. Switch back to distilled for top-off and WC. Remove accumulated detritus from rocks, sand, 'fuge, wherever. Regular weekly WCs using a good quality salt. Reduced feeding.

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Looks like it could alternatively be diatoms. How long has your tank been set up?

A couple of months 2.5 id say all my parameters check out and right now I see a ton of copeds on my glass im fairly certain its dino and from what I gathered ill try to black out my tank for a couple of days and use algae fix after I do a w/c and siphon out as much as I can

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it doesnt look like diatoms to be honest. i have had the worst case of dinos ive seen in a long time.. stubborn at that and after 5 months i gave up on it all.


its going to truely test your paitence man so be ready for alot of frusteration and i hope it goes better for you then it did for me!


raising the PH. and frequent water changes along with sucking out as much as you can with a baster out will help.. whatever you do not blow on it or make it spread.. its sticky and very quick grower.. if you have any sps i highly advise moving it


it might be diatoms but i dk

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From most of the pictures I have seen it looks like dino its stringy and about a half an inch long hopefully its not ill keep reading up on it to see if I can I.D it. Five months man thats a longgggg time to be fighting algae what causes this crap anyways?

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What kind of maintenance schedule were you running on the tank leading up to this? Perhaps we can identify something that could be improved in your schedule which will prevent this from happening again.

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Every Saturday and I mean every Saturday I do a 10-20% w/c now with rodi used to be walmart distilled.I use my magnafloat to clean the glass. I use chemi pure elite in my media basket along with filter floss I have been changing the filter floss everyday because what ever algae this is its been collecting in the filter floss. I have the original jbj skimmer it doesnt work very well and its cracked but it still collects about a half a cup a week. I also have 14 astera snail and one firefish in there I feed every 4 days. The MH runs 6 hours a day the only place I can see myself lacking is I dont scrub the lr I honestly dont know what caused this possibly was on my lr since I got it from a fellow reefer in my area and it wasnt all that good

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biggest question is what are you feeding/dosing? if you're feeding frozen are you draining the liquid 1st? if not the liquid is full of phosphates. if you are ading something like DT's phyto STOP. there is excess nutrients in your tank which is causing the algae to grow. if you have chaeto(or other macro) make sure its not dying. what are your other water perams? phosphate/nitrate/trite, alk, cal, mg, Ph, etc.


edit: re-read the last posting of yours

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I havnt dosed anything ive used prime when I first started the tank but not since then. I feed only a flake food I have its called omega one with garlic im 99% sure its not over feeding. I did have phosphates coming from my distilled water when I used that since then which is about two weeks ago ive swiched to rodi unit that I bought thats putting out 0 tds so I'm pretty sure it was the water I was using prior but ill test my parameters tomorrow. Thanks for the reply's guys

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Stringy and snotty = dinos

Powdery and blows away with turkey baster with ease = diatoms


It might be just random algae that is eating up excess nutrients in the tank. I would just suction it up and wait for it to go away. Blooms come and go.

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You might want to try going with pellet or rinsed, drained frozen food instead of flake. Flake's got a lot of phosphates in it. Pellets are a lot less messy and fairly easy to remove if not all consumed. You should try to mix up the diet of your fish anyway. You can still use your flake, but alternate between that and other foods so you are not adding as much, as regularly, each week. Also, here's a nice article in Advanced Aquarist about limiting phosphates in the aquarium which might help too.

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