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Recommended Thickness of an Acrylic tank

Crazy Tiki

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Hey Guys,


Saw a listing of a custom made acrylic tank 65 gal 39"L x 19"D x 20"H that was a freshwater tank. But wanted to use it as a reef tank.





The tank seems to be in pretty good shape but the acrylic is only 1/4" thick. Do you think that is thick enough for the size? Especialy if I was going to expand the holes on the top of the tank as they are only 5"x13" and didn't think that I could fit large enough rocks through those holes. If I were to leave a Euro type bracing maybe 3" on top would that prevent it from bowing.



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wow those are great dimentions ! its like a plus size 40BR. I like it. That brace is definatly a bummer tho, as its going to be hard to get any rock in there. For a tank that size I would want 3/8 thick in glass, and i think acrylic will bow even more. (my 6g fuge bows a TON but its thinner than 1/4) I would pass it up b/c i think the braces are nessicary for it being that thin.

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