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Killer on the loose!


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few months ago i bought a yasha and candy cane pistol shrimp combo. they paired up and were doing well for a week or so. then the yasha disappeared. i thought he was just hiding but his body turned up a couple days later. after that i bought a watchman goby and he disappeared. and so did a green clown goby. i figured there had to be a mantis or something hiding in the rocks. so i decided to give up on gobies and recently purchased a bicolor blenny. he made a home for himself on the opposite side of the tank of where the suspected killer resides. this morning he was his normal self swimming to and from his hole. then i left for a couple hours, got back home only to find him laying in the sand with a big gash on his belly.

i know it's a long shot but does anybody have any suggestions on how to id this guy and possibly catch him?

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Take the rock you think it is living in and give it a FW bath.


with your harpoon at the ready and don't forget your war face.

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I'm with weetabix. Take any suspected rocks and put them in freshwater and watch for movement!!!! Then step on whatever pops out!!!

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i think the perp is under the group of rocks, so this method would require removing all the rock which have coral attached to it. but i guess if that's the only way.... then i better get a war face ready!

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make a trap! Cut the top off a water bottle and invert it, seal it with some silicone. put a piece of meaty food in it and see what it catches. If it doesnt catch anything its probably a mantis, theyre generally too smart for this trap

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