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Buckpuck Voltage Question


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i just bought 6 crees and a buckpuck from ledsupply. I'm powering everything with a 21v power supply. I just thought running a little below the right forward voltage shouldn't been too much of a problem. At least for just a test. I only had a 24v and 21v power supply on hand, and I thought i'd be safer running lower voltage than higher.



Wired everything up, everything worked fine for a few hours. Then it blinked out and now is busted. I tested my everything with my multimeter. Theres no longer any voltage coming from the buckpuck.


I emailed ledsupply, and they are telling me since I didn't supply enough voltage to the circuit, it overheated the buckpuck and toasted it. Its my fault and i'm boned. I don't know too much on the matter but does this make any sense? Would I have been better off running higher volts? If i did blow up my buckpuck, I would like to figure out with I did wrong and prevent repeating it from happening again lol.


Thanks in advance guys.

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Soymilk, this topic has been covered so many times on this forum. The source voltage of any buck driver has to be higher than the total forward voltage of the LEDs. No exceptions. You need a minimum of 24v to run 6 LEDs.

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