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Recommendations on HOT5 fixture for 10 gal


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I currently have a current-usa nova extreme pro 20" (6xHOT5) but due to lack of bulb choices I am looking to get a 24" 4 bulb fixture. If you have any recommendations feel free to let me know. I'm really looking to hear about personal experience with a product. Also if there are any links to other topics on this subject please post them in here also.

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Current Nova Extreme SLR T-5 Fixtures


24" x 8" Saltwater; 96 watt, CD-36003

$199.99 $159.99

2-24 W 10,000°K

2-24 W 460 nm actinic


Fishneedit T5HO fixture


24"L x 9"W Item # 2F4B


4 x 24w bulbs

You choose light combo


Odyssea/Aquatrader T5HO Lighting



23.75"L x 7"W Item # 52201


2x Odyssea 24W T5 High Output Daylight 12000K

2x Odyssea 24W T5 High OutputActinic Blue

2x Dual Bluemoon LED


Here are a few options for you. Hope this helps a little bit lol.

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Aquatraders: Burn your house down

FishNeedIt: never in stock

Current: Proven performance, but you pay for it


My house hasnt burned down lol :lol:

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My house hasnt burned down lol :lol:


HAHA GOOD! Well I just read on aquatraders sight a guy just posted a review this February where he was home and his caught on fire, luckily he was home.


The FishNeedIt would be pretty good, but they are never in stock.

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i did alot of research on aquatraders 24" and the price yes its awesome but the bulbs are pretty lame so they need to be replaced, there is no indiv. reflector, and yes they are not always equal in workmanship

I was gonna get one but heres the thing

replace 4 bulbs at >$15 a piece

new reflector 4'x2' reflecting aluminum $40 (you also have to bend it and cut it to make it fit)

so at least 60 dollars in bulbs plus another $40 with the reflector the product is already up to 170 sooo

IMO just save up your money for a product that will last

(you need a nice reflector or else you might as well just have pc lighting)

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thanks for the info so far.


Crackerballer PM replied


chucktdbm321 Sounds like you're just buying the ballast from aquatraders. lol

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haha yea i was excited at first but then when you do the math your better off getting the nova's from current they now have SLR single light reflector or whatever lol so thats what im getting for a 15gal long

O yea did i forget that aquatraders ballast are known to be underpowerd but im not sure if this is really true

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anyone familiar with the Aquatic Life Fixtures?




I use a 4x39 aquatic life fixture with timer and moonlights. I really love it, it's one cord but you can program timer for morning, daytime, evening and moonlights.

Everything is super easy to replace, including moonlights and the company stands by their product. I had some burnt out moonlights and emailed them. They mailed me all new moonlights right away.


The reflector is individually contoured. Not individual reflectors. I switched from coralife to this and my corals went through a weird light acclimation process even though the bulbs in the AL weren't great. My paly's in the bottom(20" down) lost their skirts temporarily and my nem split right after the switch.

I ended up switching 2 bulbs to uvl & ati. I plan to switch the other two soon.


I have an sps hitchhiker that wasn't growing fast before, it's since tripled in size. But other than that I can't comment on light output for Sps. I'm sure it would be fine.

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