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What do you consider "feeding the tank"?


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I have read others say they feed their tanks X times a week. What do you consider feeding the tank? Is that using a product that you would drop into the water column or do you consider any type of food going into the tank feeding the tank? Most of my corals are chunky food eaters (dendro, suncorals, acans and such) and I love to see them eat so I tend to feed them 1-2 a day. I was using a turkey baster which would create excess mysis and brine floating around. I have recent switched to pipettes, which controls that better. I also have 2 percs which I will feed mysis or brine everyday. However, I try to only drop in what they can catch before it hits the bottom. Lastly I use Phytomax and Zoomax as a water column food for the filter feeders. I have had a few bouts with cyno and i'm pretty sure it's from over feeding. So I'm trying to figure out a good feeding method for all my corals and fish. I am going to back off on the daily feeding of the Suncoarl but I'm trying to train my dedro to open during the day so need to keep feeding it the candy cane and frogspwan I just feed cause I'm there.


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if i give the fish a couple pellets that they eat = feeding fish


if they forget how to chew and spit it out = feeding the tank


pinch of reefcleaners filter feeder formula = feeding the tank


dead snail = feeding the tank :D


when the cleaner shrimp has 50,000 babies = feeding the tank BIG TIME (very entertaining)

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I feed about 3 times a week in general. I alternate between formula 1 and mysis. I target feed the shrimp and torches with a pipette, but for the acans and trumpet I will actually use tweezers to give them an individual piece of mysis. With the formula 1 I just shoot it at the tenticals. They'll grab something.


As for any outbreaks that you've had; ya they are from over feeding more than likely. Especially if you were using a turkey baster. The pipette should help even that out, but any time you can reduce the amount of excess food going in it's a good thing.

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