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PIcked up a nice 2 inch blue maxima this weekend. It was $50 but i used a gift card I got for writing a review about them on here so thank you nano reef. Anyways so picked the clam got it home acclimation was a snitch 1/2 hour in bag for temp then every 15 mins of taking out bag water replacing with tank water (all while floating in the tank. Till my 1 hour acclimation was done. I have him on the sand right now I know he needs to be higher up and on rock i just need to make some room. and here are picture i know you have been waiting for




also another thing i put my hand over the light someone told me to do this as a test it closed up like this




I think that is good right? should i be feeding this guy anything i have some oyster feast if thats good. also i want to get a crocea clam they are a little a smaller than this guy and only $40. Is that a good deal?

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Yes, thats good that it closed up. Don't need to feed them, just feed them light :)


Got any better pics of it? They are a little blurry :P


Also noticed your from sacramento... where did you get the clam from?

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Um well 45 minutes out of sacramento sorry or the mistake. Ever heard of Vacaville? Its a little place called Blue Moon Corals. The have 3 clams going up for sale saturday. They were in quarentine for the last week. 2 Crocea (but that would be 1 since im buying one) and 1 dersa they also have 2 bigger clams in a display tank idk theyre species though.

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I'd avoid any clams <2". Especially Crocea. They can be.... finicky.


The maxima looks awfully pretty though :) Clearer pics would be great! :)

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The prices are within range.. My LFS sells 2-3" Blue Maxima's for $39.99 and 3" Crocea for $28.99.


Would love to see some less blurry pics though :)

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Alright seems like wveryon want...less blurry pics sorry for these crap one they are the I phone I'll break out the tripod and nikon for some realy nice one

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