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Fish in danger? help!


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I picked up a small b/w clown to accompany my ~2-3year old b/w clown. When the fish was introduced, my big clown didn't really pick on it, after two tries at nibbles, it started twitching below the new small one, so I figured, well, they'll do well. For the whole day, the old/bigger fish didn't attack the smaller one.


Next morning, however, my small (new) clown had a bite mark(?) on his side fin. A piece looking like < was missing!


I observed the fish for a while, but it still didnt show any sign's of aggression, so I was thought it seemed fine (again)


When the lights turned off, the clown showed its true side. my big clown started chasing around the smaller one, cornering it and attacking it. I figured it was part of the pairing.


It's onto the third day now, and they don't seem like a pair. The small one stays in the corner of my tank, and the big one will just swim around and come once a while next to it, but no aggression(maybe its a morning thing?)


Small fish doesn't have any physical damage, other than the knick on the side fin. But it IS breathing fast. I didn't try to feed it yet, but it's been eating well in the past two days.


Water parameters are fine, salinity at 1.024.


What could be wrong?


In my tank: firefish, the big b/w clown, and the new b/w clown.

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Yep you are seeing their true side for sure, Little Devils at work when owner not around :D.. Try shifting the hideout around so the old clown fish thinks he is somewhere new and needs to explore again. That will help with the nibbling a bit, since they are territorial.

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