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Help - Volitan Lionfish - Cloudy Eye


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did some research on common causes of cloudy eye:


stress - unlikely as it is the only fish in the tank


physical damage - as mention above, it is the only fish in tank, unlikely due to fight nor rub against rock


bacterial infection - possible cause, but what could have cause it?


nutritional deficiency - daily feeding, with 1 cube size of EITHER frozen market prawn(50%) OR mysis(20%) OR silverside(20%)

2-3 live mollies OR ghost shrimp occasionally(10%)

% in () shows the estimate frequency


poor water quality - water parameter are as follows

ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 30-40ppm

pH 8.2, temperature 25-27 degree celsius


what should i do now?


thank in advance for your help

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what size tank? How big is he? Your nitrates are to high. Soak all his food in garlic. I fed mine mostly silversides and occasionally gave prawn.


Does he have any caves? maybe a fts would help too.

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What makes you think he has flukes?


My concern is the nitrates in the tank. 40ppm is high, even for a FOWLR tank. Treatment isn't going to help if the cause for stress is still present. I'd start with water changes, decent sized ones at that.


Get in touch with Renee (seahorsedreams) or Greg (scorpkeeper) for advice on treatment.

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did a 20% water change yesterday


no3 reading app 30ppm after the change


tried feeding today but it doesnt seem interested


give it a 5 min FW dip


will try feeding again tmr


wish me luck

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