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what to feed my


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Do your research. The zoa and "yellow polyps" don't need to be fed. The flower pot on the other hand needs a lot of feedings. It also needs perfect water quality.

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There's a variety of things you can add to the water to feed the corals and whatever other filter feeders are in the tank.. they seem to appreciate it.

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+1 to only directly feeding the goniopora. Don't forget to do research before you buy livestock; gonioporas are challenging to keep because of the amount of feedings they need.

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I have had too much success feeding yellow polyps, I have had to get rid of rocks and even kalk them. Kalk doesn't work FYI and if you really want a nice thick colony feed the brine shrimp, not baby brine. The polyps will close up around the food and reproduce faster than anything else. I feed my tank Pappone, its a DIY coral food and yields great results so far.

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