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New Ricordea on frag plug


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I was wondering if i could just lay the new ricordea frag i got on the sand and let it spread or would i need to put it near a rock or something? thanks for you help!

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just lay it down where it wont blow around and it will attach to the substrate. If it attaches to the sand then you can use that attached substrate to glue it in place elsewhere.

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alright thanks man, ill do that...and 1 more question for you...


when should i start spot feeding it because it's just a frag right now should i wait until it spreads or should i be starting now?

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Is it a R. Florida or R. Yuma? I don't ever feed my Florida Rics and I wouldn't think you have to target feed the Yumas. Generally they don't "spread" but Florida Rics split and Yumas usually drop babies.

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When it gets bigger, you could always cut it if you wanted two smaller ones...


Feed it once it has been in the tank a few days, and when it is open all the way.



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it's hit or miss on whether or not they'll eat. My rics in my BC8 eat like pigs and the rics in my 10gal won't touch the stuff (mysis)

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well i have florida rics.


but i guess i'll jus wait a week or 2 then try to spot feed it and see what it does..but i still have it on the plug..and i jus dug the plug into the sand..thats fine right?

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