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what light would be good?


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im setting up a 10 gallon mantis shrimp tank. i plan for it to be mostly a planted tank, with lots of marco algae, with maybe a few zoas, shrooms, and softies.


i am wondering whats the best, cheapest light fixture i could get for this set up?its about 20 inches long



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hmm... okay.... is thereanything cheaper?? money is kinda an issue here lol

you asked for the best, cheapest. that's what I suggested. there's cheaper units out there, but you'll probably burn your house down.

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aquatraders.com 2x65 will be nice 24" fixture. I think mine cost like $60.

That light will be good for softies. Mine like the light alot.

Check my build for pictures.

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If you really want to be cheap and DIY you can get some lamp sockets and use the PC screw in at Walmart located in the fish isle. A two or three bulb setup would work fine and if you don't mind spending a little more a 4 or 5 bulb setup would really pop. The 7 year bulbs that are for use in your home are good as well the larger watt bulbs seem more yellow to me the smaller ones work well too. I can assure you odyssey lights don't burn houses down I've used them for years.

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yeah i am currently using an oddesy light for my pico... i think i found the perfect light



Might as well get the 24" fixture for $5 more to get 65w of power.


Odyssea/Aquatrader 24" 1x65w fixture



Then with either fixture you can buy some Coralife mounting legs to get rid of the huge bulky legs.


Coralife Aqualight legs


Here are Coralife legs on my Odyssea fixture:


Porksodas 10g build

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