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Coral Vue Hydros

Water volume in tank


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I know this is a dumb question but I know when i first set up my 28 gal jbj- I didnt put 28 gal of saltwater in. With the weight of sand and live rock etc., the tank might have about 20 gal.. So when you dose or adding chemicals-what gallon number do you go by.. The number of gallons the tank states or estimate how much is actually in there.. ESV 2 part says add 1ml to every 4 gallons.. So am i adding according to 28 gal or 20ish?

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by no means am i experienced, but if your were to dose according to how much water is acutally in the tank i think you'd be safer than putting too much. thats just my 2cents though. any other more exp. folks wanna chime in?

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good point. my 15g has just over 12 gallons of water in the DT. I would go for the smaller number as well. don't want to OD

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You better be testing for everything you are dosing for. Dosing is only needed in hard coral heavy systems. I would dose a little, wait, and test. Then find out how much your tank needs.

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yea-i think i will dose slow/lower. i appreciate replies. i bought a clam 2 weeks ago and i think i need to raise my cal/alk.. hes doing fine but a few members on another board told me it should be higher..

My current cal/alk is:



PH 8.2

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Yea your calcium and alk should be higher. Dose a little, wait a little, then test. Then test again in a couple days, and if you need to dose, dose. Then figure out a pattern of dosing and you are set.

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