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Decorator Crab Pics!


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OK. So here's the scoop. I'm fascinated by this ridiculous little animal!

She's an egg-laden decorator crab. Constantly tends to her eggs (her nickname is "BabyToucher") and stashes pieces of krill on her legs for after-dinner snacks. I am seriously considering getting another.

The attached pics depict:

1. The crab and her decorations

2. Feeding her anemone a chunk of krill (the anem will even eat pellets!)

3. Post-feeding of the crabby- her legs now have been decorated with a krill chunk! Note the left front leg

4. After she decorates with krill, she tries to lure the damsel ("Bowser") into her reach... I assume she wants to eat him but she'll never catch him.


Everyone should at some point in their lives observe one of these things for a week. Its been super entertaining to say the least. Now if I could just focus and make progress on my research....





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I've never seen this crab in person. Looks like they must be a very interesting species to watch. Despite their 'destructive' tendencies, you've got to except them they way God created them. If I ever find any in my area, I'll be sure to get one too since i'm in the process of stocking my invert-only 2ft tank.

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:D My tank is right next to my computer and I can tell you that my decorator crab is so distracting! Constantly tinkering with her decor and making sure her eggs receive sufficient water flow. She doesn't really move around too much in my tank... So I imagine if I bought a couple cheap polyps or other frags that she would just use those for decor which are closest to where she hangs out the most.
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Nice pics! What is the tank size recommendation for these crabs? I like my zoas....but I might like this thing more :lol:

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