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return pump question


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i have a mag 5 with my 90g tank which is ok...works good...shoots up to the 3 feet i need. have a koralia 6 and 2 4s running in the tank. question is should i upgrade the mag 5 to a 7(better flow) or get a tunze nanowave box for better oceanic feel to the tank?

any help would be nice! thanks

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If you get a bigger pump, make sure that the overflow can handle it. I would recommend about 800-900 gph for your system. You can go with Quietone pumps for returns. The have adjustable output and good head hight.


Also you have good water movement with the koralias that you are running. The wavebox would be a waste of money really. Just make sure that you experiment with the positions of the Koralias and you should create what your looking to achieve.

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