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Frogspawn help needed


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ok this is what happened to it look at the pictures it has not been full in a long time can someone help.. the full nice one is befor the small is after what can it be... does anyone know the good conditions for them or could it be my lighting..


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it is in a pritty middle to high flow and i have t5ho 24in lighting water is well treated and good condition for proper coral growth. there is my setup.


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the thing is it was fine but now it is not opening is there any advice you would give for that


Yes, move it to lower flow!!!

They don't like high flow!!!!!

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ok thanks man that one guy said to wait it out but i will move it to low flow wat about hammer coral do they like low flow as well or more flow

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ok thanks manyour a big help one last thing does candycane coral need to be close to the light or not really


They don't need a ton of light.

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