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Should Have listened


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My Pearly Jawfish decided to carpet surf this morning. I had read on NR that these guys were jumpers But it was only a half inch hole in the back of my tank. I couldn't believe when I woke up and turned on the lights there he was on the floor in FRONT of my tank. Damn I like that little guy.

R.I.P. Da Vinci. :(


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back to the ocean duh. you know you all watched finding nemo. you should know that by now.


Like Jim Gaffigan said, you can't reach the door knob, where you gonna go, think it through buddy.

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So it spied the crapper and was aiming for that? Do you happen to have a toilet in your tank room?

lol... No toilet in my living room. He seemed real happy. After acclimenting I fed 3 hours later and he ate. A little timid first couple of days but by third day he was feeding in the middle of my tank and moving all around my tank. I really didn't think that hole was big enough. I still can't believe it. These guys need a "secure" tank.

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