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Coral Vue Hydros

LPS ID ( Moseleya latistellata )


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First things first, sorry about the iPhone pics.


Okay, picked these up a few days ago and have not really been able to come up with an ID. At first guess I thought they were some kind of Trachyphyllia, like a crater brain or something but have not been able to find an image of one even remotely similar. Each of the polyps looks very similar to caulastrea in regards to the mouth structure, simular to favia but larger polyps that what I have seen locally. It has a stem beneath the colony suggesting it was growing like a toadstool and has tissue growing down the skeleton similar to euphyilla.








EDIT: The Polyp in the center of the top image is 2.5" in diameter, the bottom image center polyp 3.5" long X 1.5-2" give or take.

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Possibly Montastrea.


Possible, There are no gaps between each polyp thought. I"ll take a look into that one though, thanks.

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Goniastrea Palauensis might be another possibility.


Thanks, thats the closest resemblance that I have seen so far, I will get some better shots soon.


Where the polyps meet each other at the tips there is a very thin layer of tissue opposed to like 1" on favia for example.

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Ahhhhhh I know what that is. I have seen it before, if I remember I will get back to you, for now my guess is acan bowerbanki or whatever.

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Moseleya latistellata


Very cool corals. I have one, and hope to find a few other colors over time.


Nailed it.

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Thanks a bunch to all of you, Im not one to purchase livestock without reading about it before hand. The LFS didn't order them, they just showed up with their last order. They only had the two of them and didn't really want to chance them being sold. But now that I know, time for some reading.


Thanks Again...

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They are pretty easy. Low flow, medium to low light. I found out the hard way that too much flow on these is bad. I actually lost a blue one I had to a new powerhead putting out way more flow then it was supposed to.


They have awesome feeder when extended, but they are like the ones on the acan lords, so not too hazardous to other corals. They will eat small meaty foods. Mine had it out the other day, but had pulled them in b4 I could get to the camera. Would have been an awesome shot.

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