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fish reccomendation?


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i currently have 4 fish in my 28 gallon


2 O. clownfish

1 banggai cardinal

1red scooter blenny


i may get a fish tonight.... but im not sure what. what would you reccomend? i want something colorful and active.... possibly a sand dweller.


would a midas blenny work??



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Nemo Niblets

Flasher wrasssseeee. McCoskers. :)


Blennies are neat too. Midas swims more, bicolor and tailspot sit more. Canary blenny is pretty cool also.

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Nemo Niblets
hmm.... i was thinkin wrasses.... they may be on the list of possible buys :P

Flashers are sick when they flash. :D

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well i got a yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp on hold.... he couldnt catch the pistol so tomorrow they will call me when they are able to catch it :D

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