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flame hawkfish pairing


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i recently purchased two really tiny flame hawkfishes, one is 1" and the other is 0.7". When i first put them in, they chased each other around a bit but after one day they are no longer chasing each other. They hang out in different spots and sometimes together and they seem to tolerate each other at the very least. Have i successfully paired them or am i asking for trouble in the future? Ive seen pairs of these guys on youtube and i really wanted to try this.


They are in a redsea max 130 (34 gallon) with about 40 pounds of live rock, vortech mp10, tunze 9002 skimmer, and sunpod hqi 150 watt.

I also have a 1" gold striped maroon clownfish, a 1.25" yasha goby and a 1" highfin perchlet (geometric pygmy hawkfish)

on a side question, am i overstocked for a mixed reef with some sps?

I plan to get a larger tank at least double in size in 6 months.


thanks everyone

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You sound ok on everything except maybe the Maroon. Maroon's get pretty big and pretty aggressive. If you're upgrading then you should be fine, but just be aware of how feisty they get.


If the two hawk's have quit fighting they're probably ok. I'd be more worried about them turning on the pygmy hawk later on.

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ive had a larger flamehawk about 2.5 inches with a pygmy hawk for a long time and the pygmy hawk just stays withing the rocks and is fine. Later when i get the larger tank i plan to just move the maroon and the two flamehawks and keep the pygmy hawk and yasha in this current tank. If for some reason i cannot get a larger tank in the next 6 months then i plan to move the yasha and the pygmy hawk into the smaller tank.


another side question.. the maroon clown is a captive bred ora clown and the stripes are white. i heard it takes a year for the stripes to turn yellow but i heard from others that it is sooner.

does anyone know roughly how long it takes? and how large a 1" juvenile will get in 6 months?

I dont want to overstock my tank because i have some sps frags that i really like, I dont dump food in the tank when i feed, i feed each individual fish 1 or 2 mysis and make sure theres nothing left over.

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