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Coral Vue Hydros

Stop the poring


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hi i have my barrel of water for my water changes on the ground and its 25L so its abit hard to poor back into my tank is there any other way to get the water up to my tank, with out buying a pump? i also have a 750L/h pump witch gets it up 1/2 way...

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Put a shelf above your tank and siphon it into the tank may work, or for added humor to those observing start a siphon and put the tank of water on your head.

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Here is what I do sometimes.

1. Get a cup, scoop out New Saltwater, poor into tank.

2. Repeat process 1 until water level is at desired level

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poring and pooring?




The poor kid is trying to pour liquid into his pores.


Also I was serious about the water tank on your head, I have used it on occasion.

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Get a maxi-jet 1200, zip tie a tube on it and connect the other end to a u-tube and hang it on your tank.


^This; although I'm lazy and use the same tube (from a gravel vacuum) to both siphon and pump water.

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