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Mini Starfish Getting Out of Control.. Need Help


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Hi everyone. I have a lot of these mini star fish that seem to be multiplying all throughout my tank. At first I didn't mind them, but now they are just getting out of control. Does anyone else have this problem or know how I can get rid of them? Thanks.

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harlequin shrimp are said to eat them.



+1 they will make quick work of them.


Only thing is if you plan to keep the Harlequin long term you will need to start buying stars because that's all they eat.

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I throw them back in my HOB fuge, or in the chaeto chamber.


They eat algae and detritus, which is a good thing.


If you see more of them, it might be an indication that your tank is still adjusting, or your are feeding too much.

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Deleted User 6

bumblebee shrimp is another option iirc - and it doesn't need a supply of stars after they're gone. it'll eat anything meaty.

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I'd leave em or sell em

They wont reproduce fast enough to feed those shrimps indefinitely, so you'll end up having to either get rid of the shrimps or start buying the starfish (can be expensive).

They are very beneficial little critters, so long as they aren't the coral eating ones (rare). I'd be willing to take some from you if you are so adamant on getting rid of them.


Eventually they'll go away and you'll miss them. I know from experince :tears:

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