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Coraline Algae growth TIP


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So tanks been up over a month, maybe 5 weeks. About two weeks ago bought a bunch of cured rock. It had purple and various other colors on it, but never seen any new growth in other places that it wasn't already when it arrived.


about 48 hours ago I took a razor and scraped about a 1 x 1inch spot clean of the purple... NOW I SEE IT GROWING EVERWHERE!!! Tiny purple spots, but PURPLE!!!!



weeeeeeeeee PURPLE!!!!!



I've read this recommended various places... never tried it because I didn't think it would speed it up that much...but it does, way more than I expected.




But I will say this, I wouldn't expect it to work so well in a "younger" tank, my parameters were probably perfect and just waiting for a seed population to get spread.



Good luck all.

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Good deal! :) Monitor your parameters (alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium) as coralline will consume them. The more coralline you have, the faster it will consume them; plus, keeping these elements within acceptable ranges will help both coral and coralline growth.

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