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Rim around 40BR as lid/screen replacement


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Im setting up a 40BR soon. It will be mainly for my clown pair and corals, so no well-known jumpers. Instead of a lid of any kind, could I just build a 4-sided rim to go around the tank? I thought this is a good idea because I could also build some fans into it for evap cooling.


How high would it have to be to prevent jumping? I've obviously never seen a fish jump. Do you think 4" would be enough? 6"? 8"?



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I run two open 40breeders with no jumpers so far, but you never know. Also you never know how high a fish can or will jump. Your best bet is to use window screen.

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My clown has tried to carpet surf twice out of my 40bdr. Once the kids spotted him and tossed him back and the second time the cat was playing with it on the floor.


I don't know if they are anything like cats but that little bastard has used up two lives.

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