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MP20 creating problems for overflow?


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This might seem like a noob question.. but I have 0 experience with the vortech and I plan on using one in my 40BR.


On the tank I will be using a 700gph glass-holes kit.


I'm just wondering if the MP20 would push to much water to and from the overflow, causing it to drain at a different rate. Like I said, never used a MP20 before- not sure if you're supposed to turn off the main drive pumps before getting the MP20 blasting at a higher speed, or if it doesn't cause any changes when it comes to the overflow draining the tank.



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when I had my MP20 it never caused any issue with my overflow...it was only able to create a small maybe 1" wave in my 30B and its only a 30" long tank so its not going to make much of a wave in your tank being 6" longer to have any effect at all on the overflow

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