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Cultivated Reef

New tank. Few questions.


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I used to have a 90 gallon years ago with a wetdry. I sold that tank years ago, and now that I have a home and family I want to add a small tank for my kids. Here is my plan:


20x18x30. 47 gallon. I know its a tall tank and maintenance and light penetration will be an issue, but I love these dimensions.

I only want two clown fish. That is all. I want to keep this very simple.


This is where I'm sort of hesitant. I want to do this with only a mp20, led lights, and a heater. No sump, skimmer or mechanical filtration. My filtration will be biological (live rock and sand) and water changes. If this alone wont keep my nitrates down I will put a hob refugium for chaeto. Will this work?


I also want to keep zoas and maybe a frogspawn. That is all. I am looking at the light req of these and it seems like I can use maxspect 110w and be ok. Am I right on this?


My biggest concerns are; water flow, oxygenation of the water, and my bioload. Opinions?

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You can absolutely run a tank like that with just water changes. It is important that you are consistent in doing them, and that you make a conscious effort not to overfeed.


As for the light I am not familiar with that specific model, you have a link to it?


Zoas and a spawn will be fine in low-light for the most part but you make want a little more kick than that out of your fixture. Who knows what other cool corals you may see in the future that catch your eye.

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The best information on the light fixture I've found is here: http://sfvreefers.proboards.com/index.cgi?...y&thread=34


This is the light I'm looking at:

110w - uses only 3w LED, ideal for shallow tanks 18-24" wide

Recommended for tanks within 20" tall.

0" 900-1100 PAR

3" 500-600 PAR

10" 200-300 PAR

20" 100-150 PAR


Based on this the light will be pretty weak at the bottom of the tank. I'm not too concerned as I will just place low light corals down there.

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Biological filtration alone is fine. For your fixture, try doing a search and visiting the lighting forum to learn about different LED systems.

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