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Just introdiced 2 tiny maroon clowns


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So heres where im at:

I have a brand new 28g nano cube. I have had it cycling for 3 weeks with nothing but 29lbs liverock/live sand.


A week ago I had a LFS test the water. They said everything was fine and I could try a CUC.


I tried the CUC and 2 coral frags and everything worked wonderfully. None of the CUC died, and all corals spread polyps. I have started hand feeding bits of krill to one of the corals.


Today I went to the store again and asked if I should wait for fish or can get them now. He tested the water again, and again it was perfect.

pH 8.3

Ni 0

Na 0

Ammonia 0

Specific gravity: 1.024



So I decided to buy these two really cute maroon clowns. As I researched them before, and the guy at the LFS told me, within 2 years they will outgrow the tank. I am fine with that, I only have the nano-cube for my room now. Once I move out in a year I'm definetly getting a 125g. I plan on getting no more fish for the nano, just these 2 clowns. If I find a small enough fish Ill Maybe get 1 more. But hes going to have to wait a few months. Most likely just this pair.


The two clowns were from seperate tanks, but I was told they should get along, although they might not pair up. One was slightly bigger than the other, but both are around an inch long. Was told if they fight right away, remove them and return them.


After acclimating them for 30min and having them sit next to each other in bags to see each other I let them go one at a time (smaller one first). For the first 2 min the bigger of the 2 (barely bigger) kinda showed her dominance, but never took a nip or bite at him. After 2min, they were swimming happily together, and Ive been watching them for 3 hours and they get along great. They are too cute.


Only thing is that they seem to stay on the top 1/4 of the tank. They never go any lower. They like swimming into the powerheads and go back and forth (sometimes going with it sometimes against it). THey are almost always together, and Im suprised how fast they became a couple.


Is this was clowns usually do in a new tank? My LFS said for the first week they are really going to like the current from the powerheads, and get over it later. But should they always stay around the top of the tank? They do wonder down occationally, but its only for a few seconds. Ive seen them go in my caves only once, then back to the surface. Where one goes, so does the other.


I thought there might not be enough oxygen, but they never go to the surface to grab air. Ive actually never seen them get air from out of the water.


Is this normal or should I change something? like SG maybe (1.024)?


Im new so I need help :)

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sounds like clowns being clowns. They're all unique and do weird things. Let them explore and get comfortable.

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The behavior sounds fine, but....


Not so sure about the advice you got about adding two maroons to your your tank. Especially this soon.


Be prepared for the comments.





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Yah I was skeptical about any fish this soon too. But he said I could do these 2 and not even a chance of doing another fish quite a while. And that was right, so I believed him. Its the best/biggest aquarium store in Chicago and everything comes with 7 day guarantee just incase, even inverts. Ive been to unknowledgeable stores, but this one seems to be the best. Although they are the most expensive :P


And when I say small...they are SMALL lol. Im a bit worried about one going through the overflow. lol They are strong swimmers going head on into the current so they should be fine.

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sounds like clowns being clowns. They're all unique and do weird things. Let them explore and get comfortable.



Don't worry about people who complain. Yes the clowns will probably eventually be too large to comfortably fit in the tank but you have a while for that. I have always like maroons, they are just usually a little aggressive for my taste. That being said they are cool fish.

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I knew the first thing is people will complain about their size. I clearly knew that ahead of time, as I am already planning my 125g tank a year from now. They will not completely outgrow the tank for at least 1.5 years.

I can afford the 125g tank now, I just dont have the room as it would need to be in my bedroom. Once I graduate college, Im getting a condo and can put in my 125g.


I would never overstock my tank. Thats why just to be safe im only going to have these. Although my LFS said I can put in one more small one, just to watch out because the clowns might bully the smaller one.

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I would not add another. Clowns in general aren't very tolerant of others outside the "pair" but maroons seem to be even worse. I would stick with what you have, they will have plenty of "personality", trust me.

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Maroon clowns are really unpredictable. My LFS rescued a blue tang and a yellow tang that a pair of maroons almost killed.... fins riped, looks awful. Anywho the LFS has had them in a tank with 2 maroon clowns for over 3 years now, doing fine, it's really weird.

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Cool thanks.

I was just wondering if something was wrong.

I guess they just like the top of the tank for now.



nighttime now and the night led turned on. Now they wont leave the back right corner on the bottom :P



I dont think they are fighting, but they kinda hit each other in the side with their tails. They both do it at the same time to one another. Probably part of pairing process.

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